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Black Belt Midterm Curriculum

For September 13, 2014, Midterms

All Black Belts

  • Form:  Perform as much as you know.  Focus on stances
  • Stick Defense:   Lines 1 & 2 single stick disarm.  Line 8 disarm without a defensive stick.
  • Sparring:  2 on 1 Sparring
  • Board Breaks:  #2 Push Front Kick and #3 Side Kick Combination
  • Clapper Drills:
    • 1st Degree:  front/round/spin hook combination followed by double-punch/jump axe combination
    • 2nd Degree:  swing round/spin hook combination followed by #2 front/hook combination
    • 3rd Degree:  front kick/jump front/round kick/jump reverse side kick combination
If you are testing for rank in September, please let your instructor know that you need to practice your specific board break for testing.